What is your next step...


Are you ready?

When it comes to creating or attracting healthy relationships where to begin can feel extremely overwhelming! 

You've read the books, you've done the journaling, and all the meditations...

Yet, you still feel as if you keep finding yourself in the same unfortunate dating situations over, and over, and over again.

Sometimes you may just feel like your relationships and life are just constantly crumbling all around you. 

Of you feel as if you keep having the same argument with your partner over & over & over again. 

Whether that means it's time to...

... Let go of the power your trauma holds over you & know that your trauma does not define you.

... Take this time to truly focus on YOU! And dive into all things self love.

... Receive high touch support to let go of fear holding you back from speaking your truth, owning who you are without fear, and setting boundaries in your relationships like a true bada$$! 

... Or simply dedicate some time to dive into your past, learn some communication skills, & improve intimacy with your partner.

This is exactly why I created this quick quiz to uncover your relationship needs for long lasting love!

If you're unhappy with something change it. Life is too short and too beautiful to stay stuck somewhere you don't belong!

Are you ready to take action required to create the life you deserve? 

Let's do it!!

"I began working with Christina feeling broken, unworthy, and helpless. You helped me gain self-esteem and confidence to find my light again through life’s challenges."

I instantly connected with you when learning our past was so similar. Your encouragement, positive attitude, and bright light brought me out of the deep hole of darkness. You taught me that I’m worthy of all the wonderful things this life has to offer. Any future clients would benefit and grow from this amazing workshop while connecting with other strong women in the same life situation and creating lifelong friendships. You are an amazing gem of a human, Christina, and I am so lucky to have met you and consider you a great friend!

client love


"Thank you Coach for creating a safe space for us to be ourselves and guide us out of our darkness." 

Thank you Coach for creating a safe space for us to be ourselves and guide us out of our darkness. I reached a low point in my life where I needed help. Diagnosed with depression, wrestling with anxiety, and fighting back suicidal thoughts. I somehow manifested you into my life. I decided to invest in myself! You helped us face our Fears and that we are strong and worthy to fight for what we believe in!! Now I am not afraid to speak my Truth. For anyone reading this, just know you are not alone. Get up and Invest in Yourself! You are Worthy of so much more than you think!!! Love you Tina! You're the Best Coach!

client love


"I have a much greater sense of self confidence and understanding of what I need to be fully happy!"

One of my first real relationships felt a bit overwhelming at times and Christina was there to help me see things from all perspectives. She’s helped guide me through asserting my wants and needs, communicating my feelings to my partner, and has pushed me to never settle for less than what I deserve. I have a much greater sense of self confidence and understanding of what I need to be fully happy in my relationships.

client love


"I feel ready to tackle things with a new confidence."

Having a coach like Christina in your life is such a valuable tool. She asks all the right questions to really help me find new insight into tough situations. Conversations with her just make me feel really aware and present, giving me new control over my life. I feel ready to tackle things with a new confidence. Thank you Christina for your support, and inspiration!

client love


Are you ready to create the change that you desire?

Remember that it is your responsibility to heal, grow and create the change that you crave in your life and relationships.

Life is messy, not linear, and sometimes can feel extremely hard. Trust me when I say though, that the journey is so worth it, to be able to create long lasting love moving forward! Because YOU deserve that and so much more. 

take the quiz now!!

So excited 

to meet you!

This is your sign that it is time... to take action, on YOUR terms, & not just what you think love & relationships "should" look like. Fill your tool box with all of the things you need to create or attract long lasting healthy love. Learn how to attract what's meant for you. Begin to recognize the patterns & triggers that show up in your relationship & grow with your partner instead of apart! 

Welcome to your hope, your silver lining, & your glass half full to help you find the missing piece when it comes to relationships, so that you can create the love you deserve!