Hey there!

i'm Christina

Your future coach! As I was crying in the parking lot of a Wells Fargo I knew something needed to change in my life. In that instant I made the decision to leave my abusive relationship, move to NYC alone, and never look back. I knew that if I could help at least one woman create healthy long lasting relationships that she deserves, I would feel as if this wild journey of self love, healing, & growth had been a success.  I was always that friend giving unsolicited relationship advice. And now, I  help powerful women create amazing relationships with themselves, their partners, and so much more! Creating relationships is not easy, especially working on the relationship we have with ourselves. With my psych background &  coaching certification, I am here to set you up for success in all areas of relationships! 

this is your life & you only get one

It's no secret relationships take work...

Whether you are in a long term relationship or looking to attract love, it takes commitment, bravery, vulnerability, and trust. 

Putting in that work to create healthy love is so worth it though. I never take for granted, my relationship with my family, my partner, friends, co-workers & even strangers. We can have all the nice fancy things & the dream career, but what are they worth if you have no one special to share those moments with at the end of the day? Our relationships and how you choose to  interact & treat the people around you has the ability to dictate your own happiness! 

fun facts

about me

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was written & based off of my moms side of the family. 

I broke both of my hands in the same exact spot as a competitive cheerleader, at different times! 

I have many tattoos but am scared of needles.