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Relationship Boss Bootcamp Workbook

If you and your partner are ready to grow together instead of apart, take this first baby step towards change. This workbook is here to help you heal from past mistakes, work on communication, & build intimacy!

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Relationship Trauma Workshop

For you if you have ever experienced any relationship trauma. Whether you are in a healthy relationship now or are looking to attract a healthy relationship into your world...it's time to heal so that healthy relationships become your new normal!

"This was the best program I have ever invested in, You changed my life!!"

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1:1 or Couples Coaching

If you are looking to improve the relationship with yourself or the relationship with your partner, my 1:1 or 2:1 coaching programs are amazing and here to help you create magic! As your coach we will focus on working together to target development areas. I will support you in setting and managing your short and long term goals as an individual or as a couple! Resulting in long lasting healthy love. 

"I have a much greater sense of self confidence and understanding of what I need to be fully happy in my relationships."

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It All Starts with, YOU! 

This magical self paced online course will help bring out what already exists within you in order to transform the way you see yourself, the way you show up in your relationships, and give you the tools you need to own your TRUTH! It's time you took the path towards self love, self awareness, self worth, and self empowerment.

"Now I am not afraid to speak my Truth!"

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Client Love


" Conversations with her just make me feel really aware and present, giving me new control over my life."

" She’s helped guide me through asserting my wants and needs, communicating my feelings to my partner, and has pushed me to never settle for less than what I deserve."

" Working with Christina has really opened my eyes to a new me. She gave me all the right tools to believe in myself."